A Rōnin on a war against himself

…and still losing it.

Hello Darksiders! I am an underground metal vocalist made in Italy with a serious thing for East Asian cultures and I go by the stage name RAVENCLOUD.

I am currently exploring the ragecore / trap metal genre and recording my first solo album titled Rōnin 浪人, which will basically be me screaming edgelord-level depressive stuff over claustrophobic industrial tracks by my Russian beatmaker and fellow black metal enthusiast PROMETAZZIN. Hope to complete it fast and soon release it to the underworld!

In the meantime, here are a couple songs from my latest collabs with metal artists across Taiwan and Italy… enjoy!


SERENITY IN CHAOS – Silent Rage | Melodic Death Metal
CRUX feat. RAVENCLOUD – Paralyzed World | Trancecore

If you like my screaming works, hit me up on Instagram where I post much more content regarding my metalhead misadventures, alongside other creative hobbies of mine such as live action role play, alt-modeling and cosplay stuff.