There is no harder battle than the one against our worst enemy: ourselves. Insecurity, procrastination, anxiety, negativity: an eternal pendulum between our ambitions and the weaknesses that obstruct us from fulfilling them.

At the age of 23, I left Italy to explore the Far East: a masterless wanderer on a quest for his place in the universe.

Four years of unforgettable experiences, successes, failures and daily challenges in the lands where dragons ruled. I’ve learnt Mandarin and studied the beauty of Chinese culture in Hangzhou, survived the claustrophobic cyber-punk lifestyle of Hong Kong and eventually found the dream destination of my pilgrimage in Taipei, where I decided to take music a bit more seriously and joined the local melodic death metal band Serenity in Chaos while performing as a guest vocalist for the anime-goes-metal cover band JUICYBOY 国境之男.

When I eventually realized I had lost my goal in my Asian adventures, I understood it was time to pack up all my gaijin memories and brought my personal crusade back to my homeland.

Here, struck by reverse cultural shock and a feeling of alienation from my own territory, I found myself on the verge of my 30s looking back to the path behind me: so much adventurous perdition, so many goals reached yet so many far ahead, so much life I had lived yet so much wasted time! Too many shy steps towards an expression of my creativity: my thirst for writing, singing and daydreaming still unquenched!

In his famous motivational speech, actor Peter Dinklage encouraged artists not wait until you’re 29, as he did, for that game-changing chance that will never come by itself. So here I am…

Ravencloud is a ragecore solo music project. A way-too-long postponed attempt to exorcise my personal demons through creativity and finally give the proper tone of voice to my dark side, combining tormented screams and spleen-fueled lyrics with that saudade for the Oriental world that eventually became my signature…

On this site I am also showcasing my occasional collab songs with fellow underground musicians across Italy and my beloved Far East, where I expand on more sub-genres of heavy music such as melodic death metal and trancecore.

Hope you will all enjoy the content and support my little one-man-army…

Stay dark and #followtheraven!