When Taiwanese guitarist David “Crux” Young first told me he was looking for metal vocalists for his Crux Collab solo project, he went like: “you know, I’ve been playing animetal covers from far too long now and when I am composing, all my bandmates tell me my stuff sounds like an anime opening… but I would like to compose something more along the lines of contemporary Swedish metal like The Unguided or Amaranthe. Would you be interested?”.

He sent me the first track and yes, it did sound a lot like an anime opening… but I was all for it!

So I recruited my Italian friend Alessio Monacelli (currently drumming for Imago Imperii, Hidden Lapse and Hellcome) and he was like “soooo anime, let’s do it!” while Crux got his former bass player Yamada 山田 (also very anime-friendly) on board… and that’s how this cheesy trancecore/wannabe j-metal song came to be!

Finally, since in the end we wanted to go all-in with the anime vibe, we couldn’t help but have an ultra-flashy, epilepsy-warning, full CGI music video by Taiwanese studio Black Sheep Media…


  • Guitars, composing, production, mixing & mastering: Crux Collab (TW)
  • Lyrics, clean vocals, scream vocals: Ravencloud (IT)
  • Drums: Alessio Monacelli (IT)
  • Bass: Yamada 山田 (TW)
  • Bass tracks recorded by Kevin, GBH Studio (TW)
  • Vocal tracks recorded by Massimo “Vexus” Vezzani, Muskilab Studio (IT)
  • Lyric video by Black Sheep Media (TW)