“We just want to title the track Silent Rage, but we haven’t thought anything in particular for the lyrics or vocal lines. So feel free to write something angry that fits the title”. That was my first task when I auditioned for Serenity in Chaos in Taipei back in late 2016.

So I decided to tap into some personal experiences of repressed anger and dark desires of retaliation in order to tell a tormented, yet uplifting tale of strife for freedom. Silent Rage celebrates the power of one’s mind to rise again from the ashes of a claustrophobic situation, re-forged by sorrow and endurance, finally ready to turn hatred into strength. An ode to the underdogs who are fed up with suffering in silence.

After rehearsing with Serenity in Chaos for more than a year, circumstances brought me back to my homeland. But me and the band promised each other to release at least one song out of the original material we were working on for the band’s first EP… and Hell yeah, we kept the promise! It took a lot of long-distance work across Taiwan and Italy, but in May 2020 we finally unleashed our silent rage!


  • Lyrics, clean vocals, scream vocals: Ravencloud (IT)
  • Lead guitars & composing: Hsuan Lin (TW)
  • Rhythm guitars & composing: Chris Lee (TW)
  • Drums, bass & synths programmed by Hsuan Lin & Chris Lee (TW)
  • Vocal tracks recorded by Giacomo Visconti (IT)
  • Vocal digital editing by Massimo “Vexus” Vezzani, Muskilab Studio (IT)
  • Production, mixing & mastering by SERENITY IN CHAOS
  • Lyric video by Scott Rudd (UK)